The Astrid Dress

The Astrid Dress


The Astrid dress has the comfort of a kaftan with a slightly fitted, dressy flair. Wear it with the pleat in the front or the back, whatever strikes your fancy. Two pockets allow for ease of movement and are big enough to hold keys, an iPhone, or a vintage coin purse.

Made from USA finished linen and sewn with french seams. Laundered with organic, non-scented soap. Made with love in Los Angeles. 

Sugar Candy Mountain is an ethical and sustainable clothing brand created out of a desire for a confluence of comfort, beauty, and community. It is a reference Orwell made to Heaven, but in this sense, a Heaven of nature and community that can be lived-in and brought from Big Sur to Manhattan. It is generated from the ideals of radical creativity, revolutionary beauty, and a future that is self-sustaining. 

Styled with the Teak Rancher by Lack of Color. 

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