Quartz Hoops

Quartz Hoops


Pure brass hoops by Ebb & Flow with raw quartz, a universal amplifier of good energy and dispeller of bad. 

2" diameter

The birth of Ebb & Flow came very naturally as the founder, Ty Bramwell, had a hankering to share meaningfulness and joy. It started with her fascination of crystals, which came with age. She had never truly embraced them until they embraced her, and the consciousness gained from embracing those energies is something she wants everyone to experience. Ebb & Flow’s first line was a simple, minimalist, raw crystal jewelry line; soon after, the apothecary line was born from pure, undeniable instinct. Ebb & Flow continues to inspire and innovate in both fields. Releasing limited, seasonal jewelry lines within the ever-expanding apothecary shop, all tailored for contemporary, stylish, meaningful beings. Ty strives and succeeds at establishing meaningful energetic connections with those who wear and admire her lines, no matter how far the distance. 

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