Sol Aromatherapy Travel Tin

Sol Aromatherapy Travel Tin


Verdant pure soy wax aromatherapy travel tin by Morphologically. Petitgrain and Bergamot, two parts of the same soothing tree, blend together as a harmoniously fresh, green scent. Petitgrain is used for centering, inviting a more open and compassionate perspective. Bergamot, an adaptogen used for relieving depression, brings balance by gently uplifting and calming the mind. Cabrueva rounds out the mix, easing breath and lowering physical inhibitions, a lush synergy ideal for refreshing the spirit. 

25 hrs Burn Time

Essential Oil Scented

100% Cotton Wick

Morphologically is a Brooklyn based aromatherapy company, specializing in handcrafted and thoughtfully blended essential oils, for relaxation and clearing space by Melissa McGill. 

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