Dream Time Holy Smokes

Dream Time Holy Smokes


Pre-rolled organic smoke blend by Moon Minded Medicine. Dream Time is a soothing tobacco-free, herbal blend that relaxes the body and mind, while enhancing dream time. With catnip and damiana at its base, this blend is a denser smoke that inspires introspection with tones of magic. Aiding in sleep the wildcrafted mugwort in this blend allows for deeper dives into dream time.

Each tube contains seven pre-rolled smokes. Rolled with rice paper and sealed with sugar gum, with biodegradable cotton filters. 

Use as a sacred smudge, to wean off smoking tobacco, or simply to send prayers on the wind. 

Moon Minded Medicine was created by herbalist Siena Perez del Campo and her partner and creative entrepreneur Gabriel Vicente. Driven by her lifelong love of plants and people and the stories that connect them, Siena founded the line with the hopes that her products would do just that. All are crafted with love under the light of the moon in Santa Barbara, CA.

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